Flashback to our studio!

Talk about a flashback!  This was Sam (left) and I (right) in our studio.  We were so excited when we rented this space, I'll never forget the feeling.  The space itself was so bright, filled with natural sunlight and had natural exposed wooden beams in the roof.  

It's so much easier engaging the creative side of your mind when you have the perfect setting. It also helps to feel creative when your studio looks and feels like it's a New York loft!

Circumstances didn't allow for us to stay.  Well...ok, truth bomb here... we didn't renew our studio as; 1) they wouldn't allow dogs and hey, we are a DOG business and;  2) the owner was quite a chauvinistic man and Sam & I refused to put up with that kind of behaviour.  We both had some negative experiences with these type of men from our past and absolutely refused to entertain it again...regardless of what we had to walk away from.  #StandUpForYourself

So...we moved our headquarters and now have an equally gorgeous office space where we both feel at home.  It's still a temporary measure as our big dream for our office will definitely include a loft somehow.  If we remain in Brisbane, I can imagine us at the Teneriffe Wool sheds one day.  For non-local Brisbanites, Teneriffe is a historic riverside inner suburb of Brisbane, which hosts many old wool stores that have been converted into residential and commercial apartments.  In a nutshell, they are GORGEOUS!  Universe...I am putting it out there :-)

That's all from me today my fellow animal loving souls, until next time, 

Dani xx

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