Puppy Packs

Spoil that special someone in your life that has just bought a puppy!

This adorable kit includes everything their new puppy may need for their outings:

Included in The Puppy Pack is:

  • - A puppy scarf
  • - One hand-made puppy lead featuring two small solid brass clasps (dimensions below).
  • - A 100% Vegetable tanned leather collar for a puppy
  • - A 100% Vegetable tanned leather poop bag holder



They measure approx 1.5 meters but can easily be halved because of our second clasp.

They feature two small solid brass clasps, allowing you to easily clip pup around a pole using the clasp on the handle end.  Why is this so great?  Because you don't have to undo Pup at the collar end while you try to fasten them to a pole. It can easily be done using the clasp on our handle!




21 - 27cm neck 

1 cm wide

3mm thick.

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