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Unleash the Extraordinary: with dog accessories that burst with personality.

The Tale of Dog & Human began in 2018, ignited by the passion of Sam and Dani. It all unfolded when Sam embarked on a quest for a lavish poo bag holder, only to be left empty-handed in the search for sophistication.

For a span of two years, this dynamic duo embarked on journeys spanning the vibrant streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Bali. Their mission? To uncover and curate a collection that resonated with their vision.

Yet, their dream remained elusive. And so, Sam & Dani charted a course back home, where they undertook the art of handcrafting exquisite leashes, envisioning stylish poo-bags, and charming scarves.

In the twilight of 2022, the torch was passed to Yasmin and her dynamic duo, Ayva and Gracie, accompanied by their charming Cavoodle, Harley. 

The sandy shores of Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, has become their haven, naturally harmonising with their distinct bespoke creations. Yasmin thrives in the artistry of handcrafting leads, while Ayva and Gracie revel in the palpable joy of witnessing Dog & Human creations materialise both in reality and across social platforms. And Harley, the charming Cavoodle? He's found his calling as a suave model, basking in the spotlight.

What commenced as a quest for luxurious leather dog poop bag holders has blossomed into an symphony of handcrafted dog leads, dazzling collars, elegant walk bags and adorable scarves. Each piece is meticulously nurtured into existence, a testament to their superior quality and undeniable allure.

Our pursuit is to infuse function with fashion, epitomised by our signature double clip system on our leads. These solid brass fixtures offer effortless assurance on your pup's escapades.

The Dog and Human crusade?

Guided by a philosophy of permanence, we are devoted to providing accessories of the highest echelon, endowed with unwavering durability and contemporary flair, catering to both the four-legged and two-legged connoisseurs of style.

At Dog and Human, community kinship is a cornerstone. Thus, we dedicate 100% of 'rescue' lead proceeds to Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc., a testament to our social commitment.

Explore our curated collection here and join us in our mission.

With much love,

Yasmin, Ayva & Gracie xo


P.S. Our hearts skip a beat as we spot our creations adorning your furry companions. Capture the magic by tagging @dogandhumanaustralia and let the style story unfold!

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