Make your walks good for you and your dog!

There's nothing quite like an exercise partner who's waiting by the door with a waggy tail to get you motivated each day! With nearly half of Aussie households now owning a dog, why not make it your mission to improve your health AND that of your dogs. 

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

1.Mix things up

To make walks more fun for you and your dog, mix things up a little—take your dog on different routes, go to cool places like the dog park or an outdoor cafe or organise to take walks with friends.

2.Bring treats

If your dog is anything like our dog Harley, he loves going out for a ‘W’ (we can’t say the W-A-L-K word out loud)! But he’s a little over-exuberant. So we find that bringing along some treats helps him concentrate. Reward your doggo with a treat when they’re walking by your side to keep them in stride with you (and not pulling like a sled dog or zig-zagging in front of you like our Harls).

3.Have the right gear

It might feel like a small thing, but having the right gear can make a big difference in the quality of your walks. Comfortable shoes, a sunhat, pants with pockets or a small cross body bag to hold your phone and treats and water is a must. A good leash or harness is also essential. Try our hands-free option otherwise known as the ‘tummy tow’ as my daughter likes to call it, so you can bring your morning coffee!  

dog walking hands free

Join our challenge. Walk your doggie each day for at least 20 mins. Let’s make this year a great year for you and your dog xo 

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