Frequently Asked Questions

What length are your dog leads? 

- Our dog leads are 1.5m in length. If you have specific requirements, get in touch with us...we can also do custom designs.


How do I know what size collar to buy?

The best way to measure the size of your dog’s neck is to use a soft, flexible measuring tape or a piece of string. Allow 2 finger spaces between the tape or string and the dogs neck for movement to ensure a comfortable fit. Measure the string with a ruler on a flat surface, or note the measurement on the measuring tape.



Neck Measurements

Dog Breeds

Petite (width 1cm)

21cm - 27cm

Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian


(width 2cm)

26cm – 32cm 

Cavoodle, Jack Russell and similar breeds


(width 2cm)

32cm – 38cm 

Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, French Bulldog, Bassett Hound, Boxer, Bull terrier and similar breeds


(width 2cm)

38cm – 46cm 

Labradoodle, Dalmation and similar breeds

Extra Large (width 2cm)

46cm - 54cm

German Shepherd, Rottweiler and similar breeds


How strong are your leads? My dog is a puller

Our handmade leads are made with durable climbing rope that has a breaking strength of around 250kg. The climbing rope is 6mm in diameter and since it's used for climbing is very comfortable in your hand.

What does vegetable tanned leather mean?

Vegetable tanned leather is a long, slow traditional technique used to process leather. As opposed to chromium-tanned goods, vegetable tanned leather has that distinctive "leather" smell and the edges are burnished meaning this leather is made to last. Because of this, vegetable tanned leather in our collars and poop bag holders will be stiff in the beginning but they become more supple with use and time. Our vegetable tanned leather goods continue to soften and develop a beautiful patina with age. The natural leather tanning process leaves the leather with unique variations in shade and colour.

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