Tips to have your dog at your wedding service

Imagine your gorgeous dog, walking down the aisle to join you at the altar. Your guests will be smitten and all breathe a collective awwwww as the Dog of Honour or Best Dog appears.  And whilst you may have to share some of the spotlight,  having your dog at your wedding is an adorable and unique way to include them in your special day.

Here are our top tips to have your dog at your wedding service and help your day go smoothly:

  1. Get your dog accustomed to the wedding environment: Before the wedding day, try to get your dog accustomed to the wedding environment by taking them to the venue and allowing them to explore the area. This can help reduce anxiety and make them more comfortable on the big day.
  2. Assign a handler: Choose someone to be responsible for your dog during the wedding ceremony. This person should be someone your dog knows and trusts, and who is comfortable handling dogs.
  3. Train your dog: Train your dog to perform the tasks you want them to do during the ceremony, such as walking down the aisle or sitting quietly during the ceremony. You may want to consider hiring a professional dog trainer to help with this process.
  4. Dress your dog appropriately: If you plan on dressing up your dog for the wedding, make sure they are comfortable and not overheated. Consider the weather and choose appropriate attire. 
  5. Have a backup plan: Dogs can be unpredictable, so it's important to have a backup plan in case your dog becomes too anxious or misbehaves during the ceremony. This could include having a designated area for your dog to retreat to, or having someone on standby to take your dog home if necessary.
  6. Check with the venue: Make sure the wedding venue is dog-friendly and that dogs are allowed on the property. Check for any restrictions or rules that may apply to dogs on the property. For example; many venues will insist that the dog is on a leash.
  7. Provide plenty of exercise: Ensure your dog gets some exercise before the wedding ceremony. An exercised dog is more likely to be well-behaved and calm during the event.

We hope your wedding day can be shared with your best fur-friend. After all, your dog has been there from the beginning with your fiancé. We've designed bespoke bridal dog leash's to add that extra touch to your doggo's special walk. They are beautiful as stand alone dog leads, or decorate with your wedding party flowers and pair with our gorgeous tan leather collar...the choice is yours.

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